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Shanghai KUKO Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company headquarters is located in Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai. In 2006, a set of IPG high-precision laser sheet metal cutting machine was invested in Germany, and two sets of servo high-precision imported bending machines were added. The total investment of more than 8 million was used to improve product quality and efficiency. In 2008, the situation of the international market changed, the market developed rapidly and the cost of rent increased. In order to reduce the cost, the company invested 20 mu of industrial land in Zhouzhuang Industrial Park, Kunshan, the first water town in China, 40 kilometers away from Shanghai, and invested 30 million yuan to establish Kunshan Xinguhao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., in the five years from 2009 to 2014, successively completed the investment of workshops, construction and decoration of the factory area of ​​18,000 square meters. In order to meet the company's growing production and development needs of the global market, in 2019-2020, 30 acres of industrial land will be invested in Sheshan Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai, with an investment of RMB 100 million to establish a global sales base for production, research and development of the corporate headquarters.查看更多 >>

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Spend a good full moon // Solid good wish you a full moon people round affair reunion!

中秋节即将来临2022年中秋很不一般今年的中秋节和教师节是同一天是值得纪念与庆祝的两个节日心怀皎月 致敬恩师 陪伴家人 中秋节有许多别称:因为它的节期在八月十五,所以称为“八月节”、“八月半”;又因圆月是“女主角”,所以又叫做“月夕”、“秋节”、“仲秋节”“八月会”、“追月节”、“玩月节”“拜月节”“团圆节”等等。 让我们一起来了解下 做月饼的乐趣

Guhao Machinery In September Shanghai International Woodworking Exhibition (CIFF/WMF) highlights full view

上海国际家具生产设备及木工机械展览会暨WMF国际木工展首办于1986年,是亚洲规模最大、历史最悠久的专业木工机械展示采购平台。2022年上海国际家具生产设备及木工机械展览会将于9月5日-8日在国家会展中心(上海‧虹桥)盛大举行,展场面积达53,000平方米,将云集超过450家来自海内的企业参展,致力打造家具制造行业交流盛宴,预计吸引超过30,000名专业买家到场参观采购。 其中固好包装也闪亮登场了哦 以最先进的设备和最专业的门类专用套膜热收缩包装机专业供应商 为你揭包装机械领域的神秘面纱

The leaders of the association went to Nantong to investigate the development of food machinery

On September 2, Chu Yufeng, president of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, and Feng Haiyun, vice president of China Food and Packaging Machinery Association, were invited to Nantong Wells Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and investigation. During the exchange, Chu Yu summit director pointed out that Wells should continue to play the leading role of industry benchmarking enterprises, increase efforts in the research and development of science and technology, and provide better services for customers at home and abroad with advanced technology and high-quality equipment. General Manager Shi Chuanming said that he will continue to deepen the candy packaging equipment sector, improve R & D investment, and will also cooperate with universities to promote the transformation of more advanced technology achievements, and contribute to the development of Packaging Equipment in China.

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