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Bless the great party, 101 years, the original intention is like a rock, and the mission is on the shoulders! On the new journey, persevere with courage and forge ahead! Wish the motherland prosperous and prosperous!

In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, study and implement the spirit of the 12th Municipal Party Congress, carry forward the great spirit of party building, practice the concept of the people's city, fully promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development with both hands, two hands hard, two hands win, and strive to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of green science and technology innovation and livability with the new atmosphere of "catching up with learning" as a new responsibility, on the afternoon of June 30,"Learn, think, practice and realize, welcome the 20th National Congress, keep upright, develop new and forge a new journey"Sheshan Town's theme rally to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was grandly held

The best tribute to history is to write a new history of struggle. Standing at a new historical starting point and embarking on the new road of catching up with the examination of the second centenary goal, we must keep the right way and forge ahead, break the waves, take the people's happiness as the coordinates of struggle, and transform the expectations of the district party committee for Sheshan and the people's expectations for Sheshan into a strong resilience and endogenous driving force for officials to start a business.
It is necessary to practice constantly and cultivate constantly, and to cultivate a solid foundation of ideals and convictions
Unremittingly take party history as a compulsory and regular course, deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishments", make great efforts to improve the political "three forces", more consciously take the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on inspecting Shanghai as a fundamental follow-up and action guide, draw strong impetus from the great party-building spirit and the concept of the people's city, and strive for value.
It is necessary to do good deeds and do good deeds and condense the vitality of reform and development
Promote high-quality development, create a high-quality life, and achieve high-efficiency governance as the most concentrated work orientation and the most distinctive direction of struggle. Accelerate the construction of an industrial chain, innovation chain, supply chain and talent chain that is resistant to volatility and strong growth, and stimulate new momentum for high-quality development. Focus on key tasks and weak links such as industry-city integration, rural revitalization, and digital governance, target forces, accurately implement policies, and use the certainty of our own efforts to effectively cope with the uncertainty of the external environment, and better transform strategic advantages into development victories.
We must work with one heart and one mind and show our feelings of serving the people
It is necessary to adhere to party building and follow people, implant party building genes in the most active meridians of economy and society, focus on new urban spaces, new formats, and new employment groups, innovate organizational forms, expand service coverage, solve people's livelihood problems, and integrate party leadership and construction into all aspects of social production and life. It is necessary to benchmark loyalty, cleanliness, and responsibility for cadre standards, be oriented by hard work, and discuss heroes with actual performance. It is necessary to thoroughly understand the people's feelings and public opinions, understand the people's wishes and expectations, worry about the people's sufferings and pains, and personally feel the people's joys, sorrows, sorrows, bittersweets, and bittersweets, so that the party members and the masses can truly feel the stickiness and tenacity of the party organizations.

Only when the roots are deep can the leaves be lush, and only when the roots are solid can the branches flourishIn order to further strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations, establish a clear orientation of vigorously grasping the grass-roots units and branches, promote "catching up with the advanced in the middle, striving for the advanced in the middle, and advancing more advanced", strive to create a good atmosphere of catching up with and surpassing the study, and form a general pattern of leading high-quality development and promoting high-efficiency governance with high-quality party building, the town party committee has explored and carried out the work of rating and grading 126 grass-roots party organizations in combination with the comprehensive performance of the target responsibilities of grass-roots party organizations, the assessment of functional departments, discipline inspection and petitioning, and so on. After comprehensive evaluation, 8 party organizations were rated as five-star, 25 party organizations were rated as four-star, and the remaining 93 were rated as party organizations below three stars.

Fifty years in the party "youth without regret", fifty years in the party "no fear of wind and rain", fifty years in the party "tireless"The veteran party members have dedicated their lives to the development of the cause of the party and the country, and have practiced the original mission of the communist party members with their own practical actions. On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party last year, the party Central Committee issued the commemorative medal of "50 Years of Glory in the Party" in the whole party for the first time, conveying a strong sense of love for old party members. This year, 51 veteran party members in the town will be awarded medals. At the scene, 6 representatives of veteran party members were awarded commemorative medals, and they expressed their high respect and deep condolences for their decades of conscientious work for the party and their down-to-earth service to the masses.


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