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Dragon Boat Festival today



It's the fifth day of the fifth lunar month again

Dragon Boat Festival is here

The general manager of Shanghai Guhao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. prepared pork for everyone

I wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival

as a traditional festival

The Dragon Boat Festival originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period

More than 2000 years of history

in the eyes of the ancients


The moving scenery of green poplars and rain


The traditional folk custom of hanging green clouds with small symbols

in the eyes of modern


Dragon boat racing


"Crispy Goose Fresh" delicious meal

in the long years



nearly 30 aliases

whether to commemorate

Qu Yuan, the doctor of Chu, died for his country

Still in memory of Cao E, the filial daughter of the Eastern Han Dynasty


Dragon Boat Festival is full

Sincere family and country feelings

They are all Chinese children

common spiritual homeland

The Dragon Boat Festival also condenses people's compliance with the laws of nature

The wisdom of life to seek fortune and avoid evil

May is the beginning of summer

The ancients described this place as "the five poisons are exhausted"

So there are various customs of seeking peace

Like sticking wormwood in the door


Not only helps in deworming

And hope for well-being



Dragon Boat Festival today

May everyone enjoy the sweetness of time

Peace and well-being on midsummer days