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After-sales service center

(1) Instructions for start-up and after-sales service:

one. Start preparation:

  • Please connect the power supply: AC380V 50-60Hz
  • Please use industrial safety electricity;
  • Please connect the dry filtered air source and ensure the air pressure is stable;
  • Please confirm the standby state of the mechanical equipment, such as the closing of the safety door, the sealing knife and other safety or detection devices are correct;

two. Boot sequence:

1) Turn on the power switch, and the power indicator light is on;

2) Turn on the horizontal seal heating switch, and at the same time the horizontal seal thermostat starts to work;

3) Turn on the longitudinal sealing heating switch, and at the same time the longitudinal sealing thermostat starts to work;

4) Set the temperature value of the horizontal sealing thermostat and the longitudinal sealing thermostat;

5) Set the values ​​of sealing and cutting time, residual time before feeding, and residual time after discharging;

6) Select the material detection mode switch, X is vertical photoelectric detection or Y is horizontal photoelectric detection.

three. Manual operation:

1) After completing the above steps, enter the manual operation interface;

2) In the manual operation state, the material detection and sealing and cutting time, the remaining time before feeding, and the remaining time after discharging do not have a control function;

3) Press the manual film feeding button (touch the touch screen button lightly), the discharge belt and the zipper belt will rotate; release the button to stop. Can be installed and debugged;

4) Press the manual sealing and cutting button (touch the touch screen button lightly), the sealing knife moves back, and the sealing knife cuts down; release the button, the sealing knife returns to the original position, and the sealing knife moves forward.

Four. Automatic operation:

1) Note that before selecting automatic operation, it is preferred to set the material detection method, sealing and cutting time, residual time before feeding, and residual time after discharging;

2) Enter the automatic control interface, press [Auto] for automatic operation;

Automatic operation process:

Press [Auto] on the automatic operation interface, the equipment starts to run automatically, the feeding belt starts to run. Put the material on the feeding belt, the material is conveyed forward, after the material detection switch detects the material, the discharging belt rotates, and the remaining time after discharging is counted. When the remaining time is up after the material is discharged, the pull-out belt stops; the horizontal sealing knife works, the sealing and cutting knife work, and the sealing and cutting time starts to count at the same time as the sealing and cutting. When the sealing and cutting time is up, the sealing knife rises, and a working cycle is completed.

five. Alarm or exception handling:

1) When the material is sealed and cut, or when the sealing knife is lowered, the vertical photoelectricity detects that there is material under the sealing knife, and the alarm indicator light is always on; at the same time, the machine stops running, and the fault information is displayed on the fault display interface.

2) If the machine is running abnormally, please press the emergency stop button immediately, the alarm indicator light will be on; at the same time, the machine will stop running. And display the fault information on the fault display interface.

3) When the machine is running automatically, during the three cycles of sealing and cutting, the film collecting motor continues to run, and the alarm indicator light is always on; at the same time, the machine stops running. It may be that the closing film is disconnected or there is a problem with the closing film proximity switch.

4) When the above problems occur, please do not press the alarm reset button immediately, first open the fault alarm interface, check the fault information, conduct abnormal troubleshooting and processing, and then press the alarm reset button. If the emergency stop button is pressed, the emergency stop button must be restored.

(2) Description of safety devices and operation precautions

1) The machine has a comprehensive safety protection device for countermeasures against unexpected accidents, so as not to damage the machine. If the object stops under the sealing part during operation, the sealing knife will automatically return to the top. (Based on safety considerations, the belt conveyor does not have a stop circuit) After the repair, as long as the manual control switch is pressed again, it can be restarted.

2) During operation, do not put your hand under the sealing knife.

3) Please confirm whether the power wiring is correct, if it is correct, face the operation panel, and the conveyor belt should run from right to left. (If it is reversed, the raw material cannot be rolled out)

4) When there is a problem, please turn off the power switch before repairing. After repairing, first use the manual switch to seal, and then turn on the working switch.

(3) Equipment maintenance instructions:

one. In order to keep the machine completely sealed for a long time, please observe the following

1) After the operation, please carefully clean the seal with a soft cloth. Carry out cleaning before the temperature of the sealing knife has dropped. Cleaning the sealing knife below 70 degrees may damage the Teflon that the sealing knife is recovered from.

2) After cleaning, please use a soft cloth to dip some cleaning cream, gently press the seal and apply it all over.

3) If the sealing knife cannot be completely sealed due to wear and tear, the sealing knife needs to be replaced.

4) Air pressure relationship

two. Discharge of waste water:

1) The accumulated water should be drained before reaching the metal baffle.

2) After the drain piston at the bottom of the bottle is turned, the water will be discharged. If it is pressed from below, the piston may not be able to return to its original position. If the piston cannot be returned, please remove the bottom of the bottle and press the piston from top to bottom.

three. Pressure regulation:

1) When the adjustment knob is turned to the right, the secondary pressure will rise.

2) After the pressure is set, please fix the fixing lock above the adjuster button.

3) During the use of the machine, in addition to the above maintenance, it is also necessary to regularly clean the machine and check the movable parts regularly. If abnormal noise or damage occurs, it should be stopped immediately and repaired by professionals.

(4) Instructions for follow-up maintenance of equipment

After-sales commitment: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (the equipment consumables are no longer within the scope).

Free warranty items during the warranty period: the quality problems of the equipment parts themselves and the failures caused by the quality problems caused by our manufacturing and assembly process. The warranty period starts from the date the product leaves the factory. As long as the warranty conditions are met during the warranty period, the repair service can be enjoyed, but the following situations are not covered by the warranty:

A. Caused by error or improper use; B. Man-made damage; C. Repaired by others; D. Consumables;

Products beyond the warranty period will be borne by the user for parts costs, maintenance service costs, round-trip transportation costs and other costs, see "Maintenance Charges" for details.

For products under one of the following circumstances, Party B can only enjoy reasonable paid services:

1) Damage caused by improper use, maintenance or improper storage according to the requirements of the product instruction manual

2) Damage caused by dismantling by other maintainers.

3) Damage caused by force majeure factors.

4) Technical support and service

a. You can log on to our website at any time

b. You make a phone call to inquire. You will get our after-sales technical support. Tel: 021-52265219 15316201985 (Mr. Zhao)