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Yilu Walk Together Gathering Love Sheshan - Guhao won the commendation of the second charity and public welfare joint fundraising and mobilization conference of Sheshan Town

On the afternoon of November 1, 2021, the second charity and public welfare joint fundraising mobilization meeting of Sheshan Town was held in the first conference room of the town government.

Li Chundong, secretary of the town party committee, delivered a speech. He stressed that all villages (residences), enterprises and institutions, and all sectors of society should actively respond and take prompt action to set off an upsurge of charitable fundraising throughout the town as soon as possible, so as to truly let philanthropy gradually form a consensus of the whole people and the whole society.
Regarding the development of philanthropy in our town and doing a good job in this charity joint fundraising activity, Li Chundong put forward three work requirements:

OneRaise awareness, build consensus, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission for the development of philanthropy.

With the most powerful practical actions, shoulder the important task of carrying forward the humanitarian spirit, effectively mobilize the whole society to pay attention to, support and participate in charitable activities, concentrate more social financial resources, improve the ability of charitable assistance, expand the scope of social assistance, and establish and improve the charity development mechanism of "government promotion, non-governmental operation, social participation, and cooperation of all parties".

TwoHighlight key points, widely mobilize, and promote the development of philanthropy in the town to a new level.

Strengthen organization and leadership, unite the joint forces of charity, establish the idea of "one game of chess" throughout the town, meticulously organize, and extensively mobilize; the main leaders should actively play a leading and exemplary role, consciously regard participation in charitable and public welfare activities as a vivid practice of "I do practical things for the masses," enhance the vanguard awareness of party members, unite the masses, and care for the masses in difficulty, so as to create a strong social atmosphere.

ThreePay attention to practical results, strictly standardize, and ensure the successful completion of charity and public welfare joint fundraising activities.

Take multiple measures to strengthen the implementation of policies, standardize the use of funds in multiple links, deepen charitable projects through multiple channels, conscientiously manage and use every cent of charitable funds, actively accept supervision from all walks of life, achieve openness, fairness, justice and transparency, and enhance the credibility of charitable work.

Liu Shuwen, deputy secretary of the town party committee and mayor of the town, presided over the meeting and put forward three requirements:

First, go all out to grasp implementation.All units should unify their thinking on the decision-making and deployment of the town party committee, clarify their responsibilities and tasks in accordance with the requirements of the meeting and the overall arrangements, and go all out to ensure that they are completed on time and in accordance with the quantity;

Second, the above rate is strongly promoted.Effectively give play to the role of "key minority" and "leading geese", adhere to leading by example, take the initiative to participate, widely mobilize, actively publicize, and integrate charity and dedication to love with practical actions;

Third, the sunshine is open and shows results.Further optimize and improve the charity assistance mechanism, effectively standardize the use management and ledger of the raised funds, disclose the use of funds in a timely manner, let philanthropy operate under the sun, and effectively improve the credibility of public welfare charitable activities.

Shanghai Guhao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. also actively responded to the call of the Sheshan government, and in January 2022, Guhao won the certificate issued by the Sheshan government to encourage everyone to devote themselves to charity.

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