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Taking diligence as the wing, living up to youth - Guhao new employee training activities in 2022

In order to enable new employees to better understand the company's corporate culture and quickly integrate into the company. On March 8, 2022, KUKO Company organized an induction training for new employees. This training involves company culture, development history, rules and regulations, safety education, work and life, etc., and new employee development training is carried out, aiming to inject motivation and confidence for new employees to quickly realize role transformation and integrate into the corporate environment. .

New employees are the fresh blood of the company and the new force that continues to push the company forward. At the meeting, our company put forward the following expectations for new employees:

The first is to establish correct values, to have motivation, goals, and sense of direction, to be diligent, to live up to youth, and to strive to achieve self-worth.

The second is "accumulate good deeds and think about altruism". Be kind to others, know how to be grateful, and be more considerate of others. Life has just started, the road ahead is very long, optimistic, positive, open-minded, happy learning, happy work, happy life.

The third is to realize the role change as soon as possible. It is necessary to stick to the lifeline of safety first, keep safety first in mind, think proactively, be diligent in observation, build the ability to think systematically, and be not afraid of hardships in order to quickly adapt to job requirements.

Finally, Director Chen, the company's personnel director, pointed out that the company pays great attention to the training and development of new employees. Everyone has demonstrated good self-management skills and established a solid safety awareness within one month of joining the company. Later, the company will focus on the professionalism of new employees. Improve knowledge and basic skills, and strive for outstanding talents with superb professional skills. I hope all new employees can continue to maintain their passion, motivation and goals for work and study, and realize their life value in Guhao.

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