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The "battle grapefruit" in the grapefruit, the solid grapefruit made a stunning appearance!

"Yuzu" is the season to eat yuzu

Friends who like to eat grapefruit are not very happy

Let's take a look at our company's own grapefruit trees

Walk up~

The pomelo downstairs is ripe

Surrounded by greenery

Heavy grapefruit hangs all over the branches

"Yuzu" is full of confusion~

Every year in April, the fragrance of pomelo flowers is overflowing, and in May, Master Yao puts a protective bag on all the little green pomelos, so that the fruit is protected~

Our company follows the free slow growth of grapefruit, no ripening, no waxing. No toxic residual pesticides are used, physical pesticide control is used, and planting carefully is only for safe eating.

After removing the bagging in the ripe season, the cyan small fruits have changed into heavy "big ingots", and the fruit shape is round and full, which is particularly attractive.

Open a grapefruit casually and knead it, half can squeeze out nearly half a cup of juice, tons of belly, sweet grapefruit fragrance pervades the mouth, so refreshing!

KUKO's battle pomelo
I can't believe that my mouth will have such delicious grapefruit
In the morning, Master Yao in the workshop took the ripe grapefruit from the protective bag, and the sister at the front desk cleaned the grapefruit, cut it and put it on a plate.
At noon, the workers and masters walked into the canteen, and a familiar aroma came to their noses. It's like the special fragrance of grandma's century-old tree sour grapefruit.
From a distance, grapefruit looks a bit like pork belly, and everyone is ready for it to be very sour.
Everyone picked up a clove and ate it, and took a bite, it was not the sour and bitter taste I expected,It has no sugar but a natural sweetness, and is crunchy and juicy.

Everyone showed a motherly smile after eating~

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