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Blooming vitality, "basket" cannot help but be a wonderful | Shanghai Guhao Company 2022 2nd Games

Autumn is crisp and it's time to exercise

November 12 afternoon

Shanghai Guhao Company's 2022 Second Games officially started

A sporting event for the best people

Kick off

Good people who release creativity and energy at work
Sweat and give it your all on the field

Six major projects, blooming youthful vitality
·Brisk walking·
The road ahead is warm and everything can be expected! This employee walking activity has enriched the cultural life of employees, publicized the concept of healthy life, stimulated the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of cadres and employees, and encouraged everyone to walk happily and start a new journey

·Table tennis·
Wonderful smashes, pushes, clever side cuts, arc balls, the players on the field played heartily.
The masters enjoyed the joy of the game with laughter and cheers

·Jump rope competition·
The contestants were highly motivated, racing against time, constantly accelerating the speed of the rope in their hands, constantly surpassing themselves in the process of jumping and landing again and again, creating one good achievement after another, showing the spirit of "jumping out of passion, jumping out of wonder, and jumping out of transcendence".

·Women's Spot Shooting·
In order to improve the shooting rate, the players moved quickly, jumped, threw the ball, and shot, and the audience burst into laughter, applause, and a lively atmosphere. With the end of the last player's pitch, the women's fixed-point shooting competition came to a successful end.

·Men's Basketball Game·
The youth and blood that the "basket" can't hold
The passion of the "basket" cannot be stopped
Applause ~ cheers ~ shouts ~
With the dance "Youth with You" brought by the young ladies to the athletes, the first basketball game began.

Our basketball babes light up the early winter afternoon~

On the court, players from both sides stared at the basketball in the referee's hand
Under the referee's whistle
The athletes quickly squat and jump
It opens up a tense contest between you and our defense

With the desire to win, every athlete is full of energy
Dribble fake turn back, step back jumper, dribble behind the back
Tight defense, precise attack
Efficient team combat style displayed everywhere
It caused the audience to scream and shout

·Team tug-of-war·
It's a contest of strength
It is also the choice of timing
It is also a burst of team energy

After fierce competition
The Games ended successfully
Each department relies on a balanced play in each project
Win the ultimate victory

Victory and defeat are heroes
Break through the challenge
At the same time, it also unites the soul in the challenge
Learn to enjoy challenges in the midst of challenges
Although the second 2022 Games of Shanghai Guhao Company has ended
But sportsmanship still motivates good people
Higher, faster, stronger, more united

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